Helsinki in Singapore from 18 to 21 September 2017

Helsinki is honoured and delighted to visit Singapore. With this visit, we hope to bring together experts from both Singapore and Helsinki. We want to learn from the best talents, organizations and ideas from around the world, and that is why we wanted to come to Singapore. We believe that when we solve challenges together we can design a better everyday life for everyone.

Helsinki is about people with impact, actions with impact and encounters with impact – the business cases brought to Singapore Switch Week are illustrating innovation, cutting edge attitude and creative thinking of the Helsinki business environment. There will be a set of expert seminars from 18 to 21 September covering the following themes: solutions for smart & clean cities, digitalizing maritime business, upgraded health, designing future cities and designing future education.

Additionally Helsinki and its hottest startups will be present at Slush Founders’ Day and Slush main event. Helsinki calls for co-operation, exchange of ideas and ambitious projects with the Singaporean community to make innovative things happen together.

The capital of Finland is one of the fastest transforming cities in Europe. The growth is not only physical. It is also in our minds. There is a new sense of purpose. It becomes evident through Helsinki’s civic initiatives, design excellence and disruptive innovations.

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Our teams designing better life

Health – Nightingale


Nightingale Health is transforming healthcare and research through use of its blood analysis service. By providing comprehensive and cost-effective data on blood, Nightingale’s mission is to solve the world’s number one health problem - chronic diseases. Joining the City of Helsinki’s delegation in Singapore, they represent Finnish innovation and seek to expand lab operations through partnerships in the global healthcare market.

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Smart&Clean – Tuup


Finland is a small sparsely populated country in Northern Europe. That’s why it is surprising that the solutions to solve mass transportation problems has been intensively developed there for last few years in partnership with the government and start-ups. Tuup is the leading mobility start-up from Finland, founded in Helsinki in 2015. The company integrates all transportation services together in one app enabling seamless route planning and intermodality. The solution combines shared taxi rides, buses, boats and city bikes to name few and it can also be applied to pets and packages.

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Maritime – Fleetrange


Fleetrange Ltd. is an innovative maritime IT service provider specialising in Mobile-first real-time operational awareness solutions; built on Simple, Intelligent and Affordable IoT and Cloud technology. Buying Fleetrange is as easy and cheap as buying a mobile phone and it doesn’t cost you more than a good dinner at the local bistro – once or twice per month.

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Education – Claned


The cloud-based learning platform Claned uses artificial intelligence and real time learning analytics providing the educator and the learner with insights to study performance, orientation and motivation. It is a unique combination of academically validated pedagogy (learning theories) and machine learning algorithms (AI). When users study on the Claned learning environment, the solution automatically learns to understand what factors impact the learning of different individuals. Claned therefore understands how learners learn. Claned was founded in 2013 and today employs 30 people. The company already services clients in 15 countries and on top of its headquarter office in Helsinki, Claned is also represented in New York, Singapore, Mumbai and Mexico.

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Design – Palmu


Palmu is a leading service design company in Finland and Europe with over 60 employees. Palmu has also operations in Singapore where we co-operate with several local design agencies. Recently we have joint forces with one of the leading Finnish digital services company Solita Oy and that way we are forming a unique combination of nearly 600 experts in a world of service design and digitalization

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Helsinki Mindset

Helsinki is a knowledge hub for people and companies that want to work towards a better world.