​A Sunday Walk In The Woods

Uutela recreational area in Vuosaari, Eastern Helsinki, is an excellent target for a sunny Sunday. Put your sneakers on and enjoy some fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

Uutela is situated in the corner of the Aurinkolahti beach and Uutela canal, just half an hour from the city centre. The area consists of well-marked recreation routes and nature trails and it is possible to choose between shorter promenades and longer hikes. Some parts of the area are marked as a rare and vulnerable nature reserve.

There is an excellent map of the routes that you can print out beforehand. The trails are suitable for both walking and running. Even for bicycles or baby strollers too, even though the smallest paths might be too narrow and challenging for wheels. The area can be easily reached by public transportation with the metro to Vuosaari and then by bus or by feet. There are many nice places for a picnic along the way (even a place for a campfire).

Alternatively you can end your at the Cafe Kampela and enjoy the specialty of this cafe, salmon soup with pancake as dessert.

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Photo: Marianne Saukkonen