​Pulled oats, anyone?

Pulled oats (Nyhtökaura) is a new Finnish vegetarian food innovation that is made from Finnish oats and legumes. Right from the start it has been a big hit in shops, and already a few restaurants have added it to their menus. To sample this unique new dish, check out the Fat Tomato vegetarian restaurant inside Hietalahti Market Hall, which opened at the beginning of this summer, or the Chico’s chain of Tex-Mex restaurants.

Pulled oats is considered a revolutionary food innovation, as it is very high in protein – in excess of 28% per 100 grams – and has a healthy amount of amino acids. Pulled oats is tender in texture and perfect as a vegetarian alternative to reindeer stew, a more traditional Finnish dish.

Fat Tomato
Hietalahden kauppahalli
Lönnrotinkatu 34


Photo: Fat Tomato