Helsinki's Best Beer Restaurants

Helsinki is a paradise for beer lovers. Alongside the classics, you can discover your own favourite among the many new beer restaurants that have opened recently. Beer expert Anikó Lehtinen has listed for her own personal favourites.

1. Bier-Bier

A modern beer restaurant that also serves many beers for people who think they didn’t like beers. Ask the bartender to recommend one for you – you won’t be disappointed!
Erottajankatu 13

2. Bryggeri Helsinki

A brewery restaurant where you should sit down and enjoy a meal. The beers and food have been combined in really good ways, and there is a great terrace in the courtyard where you can also enjoy live music at times in the summertime.
Sofiankatu 2

3. Urho’s Pub

The legendary Urkki and its terrace on the street is the best place to chat with a friend: no background music, comfortable chairs and an excellent selection of beers.
Museokatu 10

4. Punavuoren Ahven

A beer restaurant in Punavuori that combines the atmosphere of alocal bar with a comprehensive range of beers.
Punavuorenkatu 12

5. Pikkulintu

A fun combination of a beer restaurant and local bar in Puotila. If you want to try interesting beers, it’s worth travelling to Puotila to check it out!
Klaavuntie 11

Photo: Jussi Hellsten / Text: Anikó Lehtinen