​Kruunuvuori Ghost Town

Do you want to go on a short trip within Helsinki? See something exciting and spooky? And visit a site that’s probably got going to exist like this anymore, not too far from now? Kruunuvuori is an area about 40 minutes East of the city centre, a beautiful forest site by the water with some ghostly abandoned wooden villas and a magical pond within the woods.

Why were those houses left abandoned to the forest? Apparently in the 70’s plan was to expand Helsinki’s residential area towards the East, but the plans were never realised. Nothing was ever done to Kruunuvuori and the houses are rotting about since. Until now, that is: a new residential area is being built as we speak.

It’s a metro- and busride away from the railway station and then only a short walk through the forest, depending on the weather conditions more or less adventurous – be careful crossing those planks!

How to get there:
Take the metro to Herttoniemi and continue on Bus 88 (direction Kaitalahti) and get off at the final stop. Follow the street from there and turn right into the forest. Follow your nose from there.

Photo: Kathrin Deter