Kimmo Helistö

Kimmo Helistö is a former municipal politician, producer, musician and urban culture active. Nowadays he is known for running the legendary Sauna Arla. Helistö became known in the 80s as a reporter for Radio City, the chairman of Helsinki's Live Music Association ELMU and an active figure at the bygone independent concert and event venue Lepakko.

"To be completely honest, I hardly go to very many places in Helsinki nowadays. My usual spots are Sauna Arla (but I guess it doesn't count since it's my own), the restaurant-bar Rytmi, and if I make it all the way downtown, then Corona Bar. But for now I will recommend other places that are important to me."


Firstly, a surprise for the city boy: the pond at Kruunuvuori that I first discovered in the summer of 85. A wondrous piece of wilderness in the middle of the city. I hope it remains, even through the construction work for new houses and bridges happening in the area.
Kruunuvuori Google Maps


Among the old warehouses designed by Lars Sonck, the one called L3 is worth mentioning next. It houses e.g. the art galleries Huuto and Sic. I hope the warehouse space develops into a new and permanent event and business centre, with a low barrier to entry.


The third location is the old hospital building of Lapinlahti. After two empty decades, new life and tricks have been kicked off, at least for now. Photo: Hemmo Kilistö