​Here You Are Helsinki

Helsinki metro stations will be enlivened by photos taken by Helsinki residents to represent atmospheres in city districts. The City of Helsinki has lent more than 200 large advertising boards behind tracks for use by residents at the Ruoholahti, Railway Station, Sörnäinen, Itäkeskus and Kontula metro stations.

The works show the perceptions of especially children and young people of their city. The Railway Station area and Kontula were photographed by young people hired by the City of Helsinki for summer jobs, and the exhibits at the Itäkeskus and Ruoholahti metro stations were created by 7–14 year olds who attended a photography camp organized by the Finnish Museum of Photography. The exhibit at the Sörnäinen metro station was created at several open workshops at City of Helsinki service centres, city events and other meetings. The exhibit creators at these meetings ranged in age from toddlers to the elderly.

“By lending the advertising space to residents, we can enliven the metro stations and express their individual character. At the same time, the stations come to play stronger roles in the identity of their neighbourgoods and residents,” says Elina Norrena, Head of Service Development and Communications at Helsinki City Transport.

The City of Helsinki wishes to present the experiences and visions of Helsinki residents increasingly markedly in the city space and otherwise. More atmospheres of city districts will be collected during the autumn in the form of videos that can be viewed on the Helsinki-kanava web channel. Share your own Helsinki with us:

This pilot project is organized by the Helsinki City Executive Office in cooperation with Helsinki City Transport, the Youth Department and Cultural Office. The patron artists in the project were Heidi Lunabba, Kastehelmi Korpijaakko, Tekla Inari and Patrik Rastenberger.

Photo: Here You Are Helsinki / Sörnäinen