Kivikko Skiing Hall

Kivikko Skiing Hall will open its doors to skiers on Saturday 1 October 2016 at 8am.

The Kivikko skiing hall is located just 15 minutes from the centre of Helsinki. The basic circuit of the ski track is 850 metres, with an additional loop adding another 200 metres. The width of the tracks is 6–8 metres. A sauna is always included in the entrance fee.

This season, Kivikko will provide much better skiing conditions, as we were able to blow enough snow during the cold times last winter to meet the needs of the hall season. In addition to the blower snow, the skiing conditions at Kivikko will be improved with a new snow-making machine that even enables maintaining the tracks during the skiing season. The machine produces good quality snow, which will be spread onto the skiing tracks when necessary.

During this indoor skiing season, the Kivikko skiing hall offers the option to store skies. Additionally, during the hall’s opening hours, you can also rent skis or use the ski maintenance service.

Entrance hours:
Mon-Sun from 8:00am to 9pm.
The skiing hall will be closed at 10pm.
Further information: Kivikko Skiing Hall

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Photo: Mari Thorin/Rhinoceros OY