Allas Sea Pool - Swim and Sauna in the Middle of Helsinki

Allas Sea Pool, located a stones throw away from the Helsinki Market Square, proudly stands in one of the best locations in the city. This wooden sea pool boasts several saunas, swimming pools and a café. Allas Sea Pool also offers music, events, and wellness services including yoga, pilates, and water aerobics. It is a one-of-a-kind oasis in the middle of the city, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Allas Sea Pool awakens the soul of the spa culture of olden times when people would gather to discuss, to relax, and to live the good life by the water.


Three pools
- One big (25m x 15m) pool and one pool for children, which both are filled with heated fresh water (27°C/80.5°F), and one pool with sea water.
- Sea pool’s water temperature changes with the actual sea. This means that you can get an authentic ice swimming experience in the winter time at Allas.
- The water in the sea pool is purified and taken from streams a bit further in the sea. Sea water is also filtered and processed with UV- technology.

Three saunas
- One for women, one for men and one shared sauna that can also be reserved for private events. Saunas are electrically heated and the temperature is about 80°C/176°F.

Opening times:
Mon-Thu 6:30AM - 10PM
Fri 6:30AM - 00AM
Sat 8AM - 00AM
Sun 8AM - 10PM
Allas Sea Pool is open all year round.

9 € (12 years and older)
6 € (3-11 years)
0-2 year olds free of charge.

- It is also possible to purchase 10 time multi-tickets, or season tickets for 3, 6 or 12 months.
- Tickets for pools and saunas can be purchased from the Allas Sea Pool’s online store, as wells as equipment for swimming.
- Swimsuits and towels are available for renting.
- Every customer has an electronic wristband, which is used for making purchases and to lock the lockers in the changing rooms.

Other Allas Sea Pool facts:

- With its land and sea areas, it is a piece of the city center almost one hectare in size. The Allas area can fit 3,500 visitors at a time, which allows as many as 10,000 visitors per day. Per year, the target amount of visitors is 300 000 (from 2018 onwards)

- Allas Sea Pool will be fully completed in the spring of 2017, when the main building of the area will be finished.

- The finished main building includes couple of roof terraces, café, á la carte restaurant, Baltic Sea Center, a shop and conference rooms.

- The Baltic Sea Center introduces the life forms and the protection of the Baltic Sea and much more!

- Cleantech Showroom will be ready later in the fall. It will hold professional seminars as well as cleantech-oriented experiential content based on changing themes. The first theme for the fall 2016 will be water.

- Green values and sustainable development are a big part of Allas Sea Pool’s ideology.

- It is also possible to practice sports (e.g. yoga, pilates, water sports) at Allas, and take part in swimming courses. Occupational wellbeing – packages are also offered for the business customers. All sport and wellbeing services are produced through subcontracting.

- Concerts and other events are organized at Allas all year round and for example DJ-nights have been a part of Allas Sea Pool’s summer weekends.

- The total budget for the project is over 10 million euros.

- Allas Sea Pool is made possible by private funding, crowdfunding and the co-operation between public sectors and private service providers. Helsinki’s Sport Department and city’s other departments have also played an important role in Allas Sea Pool’s story.

Katajanokanlaituri 2 Photos: Eetu Ahanen