Roberto Rodriguez

Helsinki-based Roberto Rodriguez is the program director at Bassoradio. DJ, producer and radio host. Having started making music at the age of 12 in 1987 and starting to DJ a few years later, Roberto can be called a true veteran. He has released over 50 original releases and 60 remixes including - now- classics like 'Ride With Me’, ’Besomebody’ and ’Oxymoron’. His vast catalog includes releases on labels such as Compost, Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur, Room With A View, FINA and Eskimo. Just to name a few. Among his DJ and producing duties, Roberto runs his own label Serenades which is now on its third year. In Finland Roberto has a popular weekly radio show which shares its name with his label. Due to his vast experience Roberto's Dj sets are often full of treasures, both old and new, that you've never heard before and may never hear again.


My favourite spot in Helsinki nightlife. The brainchild of the grand old men of the Helsinki Club scene: Lil Tony and Tim Uskali. It’s one of the best clubs in the world offering a top of the class sound system, a really warm loft type main room with a wooden floor and an amazingly curated programming done by Lauri Soini and Lil Tony himself. You can see me there regularly on the dancefloor. And also behind the decks every now and then. Kaiku is part of an complex of interconnected neighbouring clubs and bars such as Kuudes Linja, Siltanen and Stidilä.
Kaikukatu 4


Originally hailing from Turku in the early days, and after many years in hibernation the Techno and House specialized Mind Records relaunched this autumn when they opened a new recrd store in the very heart of Helsinki Nightlife. The store is owned by the finnish techno legend Marko Laine and run by legendary DJ’s such as Jussi Uusitalo, Olli Koponen and Samuli Kemppi. Quality selection, friendly personnel and the sound system that lets you hear the records in authentic conditions before buying makes it my favourite record shop of the moment. Early 2017 they will move to Helsinki city center to a new space.
Hämeentie 13b / Stidilä


This is my favourite lunch time restaurant. Its located in Kruununhaka and it's really close to our Bassoradio studio in Torikorttelit. It offers delicious authentic Vietnamese home cooking in a modestly decorated but cozy small dining room. Its pretty packed during peak hour but if you’re prepared to go there a bit early or delay your lunch a bit, you’re in for a treat. My pick from the menu is Bún bò Nam Bộ.
Kirkkokatu 5


My absolute favourite restaurant in Helsinki run by passionate food & wine lovers. With an ever changing menu this Bistro won my heart over from the first dish i tasted. There can be a long booking queue, so plan your dinner well in advance. Or try your luck and call the restaurant in case of cancellations. They just opened a new wine bar downstairs as an extension of the restaurant which offers the same quality with focusing being more in wine drinking
Baskeri & Basso - Tehtaankatu 27-29 (courtyard)
BasBas & Staff Wine Bar - Tehtaankatu 27-29 (Corner of Telakkakatu)


This recreational area in south east Helsinki is my favourite destination for my sunday walks. It used to be a chain of small islands which got glued together by the rising ground.


Home to private underground parties. Popular for afterparties that run through the whole night. Great sound system and friendly vibe. For those who know


Delightfully bright interior, friendly staff and really good coffee and snacks. Located in Kallio district
Porthaninkatu 13


Best Thai food in town. Small but cozy room with mouth watering menu.
Vilhonvuorenkatu 3 Photo: Bassoradio