Eero Ettala's One-night Snowboard Journey Through Helsinki

Eero Ettala, the snowboard pioneer from Helsinki, Finland, has published a unique video about his hometown – as seen through the eyes of a snowboarder. In a joint project with the City of Helsinki’s Marketing unit, Ettala takes the viewer through Helsinki as he transforms the city’s iconic architectural locations into a visually stunning urban snowboarding playground.

The ability of the Finnish capital city to transform into a street snowboarder’s paradise has been a true home turf advantage for Eero Ettala during his 15-year-long professional snowboarding career.

- I could never imagine living anywhere else than Helsinki, as everything I need is right here. I’ve been able to do video parts and practise tricks from home. The amazing architecture of Helsinki and the possibilities they create, as well as of course the tolerant attitude of the official authorities towards street snowboarding, are an awesome combination. That’s why riders from around the world come here to shoot their videos, says Ettala.

- Snowboarders see Helsinki in a different light than ordinary people do. While the rest of the city is sleeping, we are building jumps and shooting videos on the quiet streets, says Ettala, who always builds the jumps and landings himself for safety reasons.

When Ettala was location scouting for his video, he wanted to present Helsinki in a new and interesting light. The video begins in front of the Helsinki Ice Hall (on Nordenskiöldinkatu), with a colossal bas-relief statue made of reinforced concrete. From there, the journey continues to the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and its rails. Also featured in the video is the most famous landmark of the city, the Helsinki Cathedral, in all its glory. The cathedral also acts as a “starting platform” for the next location. On the Helsinki Market Square we get to see Ettala’s gigantic jump across the so called Cholera basin. The video ends in the Kaivopuisto park.

Helsinki Transitions also leaves room for the viewer’s imagination. What happens in the streets of Helsinki when the city sleeps?

The video produced by Pablo Films differs greatly from the customary snowboarding videos and is indeed groundbreaking. The previous project of Eero Ettala and Pablo Films saw the light of day in October 2015 when “Ender”, a full-length documentary film about Eero, was released and subsequently reached major international success.

Eero Ettala has released many revolutionary and award winning video parts, won the X Games and has been able to come back from multiple injuries. In snowboarding, Eero has done everything there is to do – several times over – and has stood in the front line developing the sport further.

Video is produced by Pablo Films for Red Bull Media House

Photo: Pasi Salminen - Video: Red Bull Media House / Pablo Films