Korjaamo Culture Factory

Housed in a former tram depot in the Töölö district, the Korjaamo Culture Factory is one of the biggest independent cultural centres in the Nordic region. Each year Korjaamo hosts hundreds of cultural and corporate events, including films, theatre, gigs, exhibitions, city marketing and food happenings.

One of the highlights of the year is the international Stage Festival at Korjaamo Theatre in August. The Korjaamo Kino cinema is open daily. Korjaamo’s own Bar & Kitchen is a laid-back cultural bistro that offers fresh international flavours from breakfast and brunch to lunch and dinner.

In addition to great events and food, Korjaamo also offers a wide range of spaces that can be rented for private and corporate events. There is also a lovely green summer garden that is perfect on a hot sunny day.

Visitors can also visit the Tram Museum and dine at the Sushibar + Wine Korjaamo. Photo: Korjaamo