Patrick Dowd

"World Explorer and Future Statesman"

Patrick Dowd

Georgetown University senior Patrick Dowd always envisioned a life in foreign affairs. Majoring in political and security studies, with a regional focus on South Asia, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, Dowd grew up traveling the world with his journalist mother and international businessman father, and counts among the 40 countries he's visited Norway, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, The Czech Republic, The Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, The Netherlands, and Ethiopia. "Growing up, we'd complain our family vacations weren't at Ocean City or Dewey Beach like everyone else, instead we were going to Cambodia or Morocco," says the Georgetown Student Body president who is fluent in French and Hindi. "But now I find I'm comfortable forging relationships no matter the situation. I have an appreciation for people from unusual places and quirky backgrounds."

A recent course on Global Cities and the components that define them gave Dowd a new set of lens --anthropological, political, architectural, and commercial-- through which to experience world capitals. "Helsinki will be my first international travel since completing this course, and I'm eager to experience the city through this new paradigm. I think I'm going to be able to engage with Helsinki in a totally different and unexpected way."

Georgetown University


Anders Häggman

Associate Research Scientist, Aalto University / Design Factory

The greater Helsinki area has a substantial number of high-quality universities - too many to visit each of them exhaustively. During his stay, Mr Patrick Dowd will be introduced to a varied sample of the universities and university life in the greater Helsinki region. As the forerunner and flagship of multidisciplinary cooperation, the soon-to-be-formed Aalto University (comprised of the former Helsinki University of Technology, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Helsinki School of Economics) will be presented, and visits will be made to venues such as the Design Factory, the Aalto University Transformation Team, and a few world-class laboratories representing both well-established technologies and important cutting-edge research. Other universities that are not going to be part of the new Aalto University will also be presented to provide another perspective on the issues.

In addition to the academic programme, Finnish culture will be strongly present with visits to the famous Sauna Society, the Ateneum, the Yrjönkadun Uimahalli swimming pool  and possible visits to student speakeasies in undisclosed locations.

Mr Anders Häggman will act as host for Mr Dowd during his visit. Mr Häggman works as a Associate Research Scientist at the Aalto University Design Factory, which is a result of an earlier project named the Future Lab of Product Design, which aimed to create the ideal working space and environment for product developers and researchers alike, simply put "a facility driven by passion, coaching and inspiring the mind".

Aalto University / Design Factory