Peter Corbett

"Technology Tribe Leader"

Peter Corbett

For Peter Corbett, a leader in the new technology community in Washington, DC, relationship-building is a full-time job. "Bringing people together is what I think about every day," says Corbett, the founder of iStrategy Labs, a digital marketing firm and the engine behind the Twin Tech, a series of regional events that bring together the creatives and techies of the information technology world for networking and business development. "My job as a leader is to feed technologists what they need and get them involved where they need to be involved. "

A case in point is iStrategy's recent Apps for Democracy project for the District of Columbia government. Nominated for a UN Public Service Award, the project sourced innovation directly from talented citizen coders. The result was the development of 47 new applications, from an iPhone app that sounds an alert if you are in a dangerous neighborhood, to an app that tracks government spending and allows you to make comments. "The government valued these apps at 2.6 million, had they been acquired through the established Request for Proposal model, says Corbett. "It's all of our jobs to contribute to democracy. We wanted to change the way government procures IT. This is a crowd source application development model we're pioneering, and now, cities like Toronto and New York are looking at it."

Traveling to Helsinki, Corbett looks forward to meeting the brands that are developing technology-driven marketing and to connecting with Helsinki's IT community for cross-collaboration. "I'll be looking for a Finnish Ambassador for the Government 2.0 Club, a global chapter-based organization helping governments understand how new technologies can benefit citizens."



Jarmo Eskelinen

Executive Director, Forum Virium Helsinki

Helena Hyvärinen

Executive Producer, Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki is ready to show Mr Corbett the digital delights of Helsinki.

We are specialists in this field, as Forum Virium Helsinki promotes the development of digital services in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

We are an independent co-operation cluster, bringing together ideas and content creators with high-growth and established companies as well as public sector organisations. Forum Virium Helsinki leads development projects and opens contacts to international markets in addition to playing a key role in creating Living Lab test environments.

Mr Corbett's visit will be hosted by Mr Jarmo Eskelinen, Executive Director of Forum Virium Helsinki and Ms Helena Hyvärinen, Executive Producer, Media Project Area.
We have prepared an interesting programme for Mr Corbett's visit. He will be introduced to the technical, innovative and creative side of Helsinki - not forgetting the phenomena of social media.

Forum Virium Helsinki