Scott Goodstein

"New Technology Organizer and Marketer"

Scott Goodstein

Scott Goodstein, CEO of Revolution Messaging, a firm that specializes in social networking and mobile messaging, first launched his future-forward marketing sensibilities and organizational skills in the music world with Rock Against Bush, a project mobilizing punk and alternative musicians against the 2004 U.S. Presidential campaign of George W. Bush. "I've been using online tools to organize for a number of years," says Goodstein. "What excites me is how cost-effective and efficient they are. These online tools have become game changers. With a little money and limited resources you can craft a smart message, make it funny, entertaining, educational, and really get it out to the masses."

As External Online Director for Obama for America, he created the campaign's social networking strategy, a political first. Under his leadership, the campaign achieved over two million friends on Facebook, one million friends on MySpace, 500,000 friends on BlackPlanet, and over 100,000 friends on Twitter. The high point came during the Democratic National Convention when Obama gave his speech. "We were able to build the largest political crowd for a democratic convention, taking over one of the biggest football stadiums in the country. It really made politics exciting and energetic to 80,000 to 100,000 people in Colorado, and then 10s of thousands of people around the country, and 100s of thousands of people around the world. You realize that by adding new technology and pushing those messages out, we were able to make worldwide impact."

Goodstein has an ongoing fascination with European and Baltic countries in particular. "Obviously Helsinki sees the world from a different perspective, and I'm interested in looking at how a strong cultural identity is maintained within such small national borders." And on the new technology and marketing front? "How," asks Goodstein, "does that area dominate the entire world in telephone technology? I'd love to learn about new developments slated at Nokia. I'm constantly looking for new ways to organize and market. I'd like to see how nonprofits and smaller political organizations are using art and culture to organize and get their message out."

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Tatu Laurila

CEO, Greater Helsinki Promotion

- - taru.gif In Helsinki Scott Goodstain will be introduced to media and entertainment professionals and politicians.

Mr. Goodstain´s stay is hosted by Tatu Laurila, CEO of Greater Helsinki Promotion (GHP), the international business promotion agency for the Greater Helsinki area. GHP receives its funding from public sources - primarily from the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen as well as the Uusimaa Regional Council.