MiniSuomi Museum

Maurinkatu 8-12, 00170 Helsinki
The private MiniSuomi Museum in Kruununhaka district is a historical and interactive display, that presents modelings of attractions around Finland, in total of 13 sights. The collection includes Helsinki Cathedral, National Museum of Finland, Olympic Stadium (the old version), Uspenski Cathedral, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Turku Castle, Turku Cathedral, Moominworld, Saloon Cars of Marshal Mannerheim, Fortress of Bomarsund, Kastelholma Castle, Olavinlinna Castle and Santa's Village. The models are located in a glass showcase and they can be seen from different angles. The ticket includes a use of a smart phone and headphones that are given from the reception. The phone has an audio guide and an AR app, that brings attractions to life. When you look at the scale model through AR app, inside the glass showcase appear ships, people, horses etc. The museum is educative and entertaining being suitable for people of all ages. Also visits for pupils can be arranged by appointment. The audio guides and texts are available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Chinese. Max 18-23 people can visit the museum at the same time.