Pihlajamäki Giant's kettles

Rapakiventie, 00710 Helsinki

Located in Pihlajamäki, Aarnipata and Rauninmalja are the oldest Giant's kettles in Finland. They date back beyond the previous glacial period, i.e. over 50,000 and perhaps even over 100,000 years. Aarnipata is up to 6.9m in diameter and 8.45m in depth. Its biggest grinding stone is 1.6m in diameter and weighs approximately 6 tons. Rauninmalja is 1.6m in diameter and has a depth of 3.2m.

Aarnipata and Rauninmalja were protected as natural monuments in 1995. They were named in spring 2008 based on the results of a competition. A new viewing platform was added the same summer.