Foto Tanja Ahola

Coffee Cantata – Coffee frenzy takes over Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Bulevardi 40, 00120 Helsinki
Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Coffee Cantata is a miniature comic opera composed by J. S. Bach in 1732 as a response to the coffee hysteria that swept across Europe.

The cantata tells how a beautiful and kind daughter, Lieschen, gets a taste of coffee and will not give up the wonderful beverage for anything. Where to find a suitor happy with the bride-to-be’s incessant coffee drinking?

Performers: Singers Johanna Engelbarth, Jasper Leppänen & Jyri Lahtinen with the Baroque orchestra Ensemble Nylandia featuring Sini Vahervuo (flute), Kaisa Ruotsalainen (violin) and Sanni Antikainen (harpsichord). The event also includes beautiful and lively music from past centuries by Ensemble Nylandia.


17.00-17.20 Trio concert
17:30-18:05 Coffee Cantata
18.20-18.40 Solo concert
19.00-19.35 Coffee Cantata
19:50-20:10 Trio concert
20:20-20:40 Solo concert
20:50-21:25 Coffee Cantata
21:30-21:50 Solo concert

Coffee Cantata is part of the event Experience seven museums