Dark Drag (K-18) – Experimental performing arts club

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

Drag, burlesque, spoken word and live music.

Drag, burlesque, spoken word and live music.

Dark Drag offers a selection of performing arts from the shadier alleyways. We tell stories of love and pain, lust and death, and the power of darkness.

The theme of the evening is fear. Fear of encountering the unknown and one’s own feelings. Fear of invisibility and being seen. Tragicomedy of fear. Our bodies, words and music tell the tale of the most intense feelings our artists have experienced during the pandemic. The feelings that have been bottled up due to a long period of non-encounter and performance break. Tonight’s the time to let loose.

On stage:

Bettie Blackheart
Blut Vendemann
Mildred Prude
Panic Miles (FRA/FIN)
Susanna Tikkanen and Paula Präktig (Gasthaus Orchestra)

Stage hand: Illuminatrix

Duration: approx. 2 h with intermission
Age limit: 18 years
Language: Finnish, English

Some performances may be upsetting to sensitive audience members. Some performances feature fog.

The event subscribes to the principles for safer spaces, which we expect our guests to also commit to. The event is accessible. The space has gender-neutral bathroom facilities.