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EMERGING 2021: Emma Jääskeläinen, Emma Luukkala, Olle Norås, Joel Slotte

Fredrikinkatu 43, 00120 Helsinki
Galerie Anhava

Galerie Anhava's new exhibition, EMERGING 2021, showcases the works of invited young artists

Galerie Anhava's new exhibition, EMERGING 2021, showcases the works of invited young artists. The EMERGING series has already become something of a tradition, and this year's exhibition continues the line of exhibitions organised in 2011, 2013, and 2018. EMERGING 2021 introduces paintings and sculptures produced by three visual artists from Finland and one from Sweden.

Emma Jääskeläinen (b. 1988) works with stone in its own terms, looking for impulses that arise from within the material. The sculptures are inspired by the human body, touch, sensitivity, and caring. Analogously to the working process, which leaves traces on the surface of the sculpture, Jääskeläinen has contemplated on the traces that she has left behind, her personal history.

Emma Luukkala (b. 1992) draws the motifs for her paintings from everyday life. Items that have been left lying on the table, a pen, a comb, a notebook, an eraser, keys, a receipt, and a rubber band, emphasise the importance of small size. We may not always pay attention to the details around us, but they guide us through failure and success.

Olle Norås’s (b. 1982) gouache paintings are filled with details that radiate life. The mind starts to wander into the cross-sections of volcanic terrain. Norås controls the details of his paintings with delicate sensitivity, and he treats the theme of his works, nature, with great respect.

Joel Slotte's (b. 1987) new paintings present us with scenes of summer and winter. Slotte examines, for instance, the sensation that a specific action produces on the skin in a specific season. The paintings provide clues to the viewer, looking for a balance between what is possible and what is not.

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