From Mother to Daughter – Moving in November – contemporary dance festival

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

What are the generational chains of families, and how are they transformed into movement?

What are the generational chains of families, and how are they transformed into movement?

In this video work, eight different families perform in front of the camera, revealing the closeness and intimacy that lay in the core of their family structure. Through the families’ suggested narratives, From Mother to Daughter examines the sensuality of lived kinesthetic experience and the possible translations of that medium to video art. To underline the intimacy, choreographer Maria Saivosalmi and filmmaker Vytautas Puidokas have chosen the video set up for the work to be very simple: a black studio, a static camera, and people moving in the locked frame. The choreographic proposals for the work were developed together with the families during the informal discussions.

Maria Saivosalmi has been working broadly in the field of contemporary dance as a choreographer, performer, and teacher since 2002. She worked as a dancer in Helsinki Dance Company 2004–2012. She has been working for sixteen years as a dance artist in Helsinki Deaconess Institute mostly with substance abuse clients. At the moment, she is working as a lecturer in Contemporary Dance at University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy. She is also continuing her artistic work where her interest lies in topics such as intimacy and encounter.

Vytautas Puidokas was born in Kelmė, Lithuania. He has a BA in Media and Film Studies from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. His main fields of interest are music, dance and documentary filmmaking. His filmmaking career started in 2012 at Lithuanian National Television, where he worked as a scriptwriter and director. Since 2015 Vytautas is working as a freelance documentary filmmaker.

Starting idea and choreography: Maria Saivosalmi
Directing: Vytautas Puidokas
Cinematography: Vytautas Katkus
Performers: eight families / or part from the family
Music: Thom Yorke and Brian Eno
Produced by: Maria Saivosalmi and Vytautas Puidokas

The performance is part of international contemporary dance festival Moving in November, that takes place between 4th and 14th of November 2021