Heʹlssen-peeiʹv sääʹm-musiikk konseʹrtt – Helsinki Day concert of Skolt Sámi music

This landscape is rugged and fascinating: rocky and sandy beaches around the lakes.

This landscape is rugged and fascinating: rocky and sandy beaches around the lakes. Life goes on unhurriedly, progresses slowly. The landscape is music, the words are language, the songs are culture: respect for traditions, leuʹdds and a new wave in the moment.

The Skolt Sámi are a small minority of Sámi whose language is seriously endangered, spoken by only about 300 people as their mother tongue. On Helsinki Day, Skolt Sámi artists come to you and bring new and old words, songs and melodies from this small Sámi language. At the social media concert, you will hear the Skolt Sámi traditional music of leu'dds, as well as fresh Sámi music that has not been heard outside the Skolt area before.

Anna Lumikivi (Siʼrǧǧi Ääʼrhep Äʼnn) from Keväjärvi on the outskirts of Ivalo performs traditional and new Skolt Sámi leu’dd songs both without accompaniment and also accompanying herself on guitar and piano.

Aimo Aikio (Ǩiuʹrrel Äänn) has enjoyed playing guitar all his life and draws from the heritage of his Inari Sámi father and Skolt Sámi mother for his own music. On Helsinki Day, Aikio will present his own songs in Inari Sámi.

Heidi U’lljan Gauriloff (Kaissi-U’lljan-Mää’rj-U’lljan) combines traditional Skolt Sámi leu’dds with new music and instruments. On Helsinki Day, Gauriloff and her band will perform both leu’dds and blue-inspired music from their new EP to be released this summer.

Tero Harju, Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff and a schoolchildren from Sevettijärvi (Suäʹvvel Oʹnddri, Fekla Määrjaž da Čeʹvetjääuʹr joukk) will also offer musical greetings from Sevettijärvi on Helsinki Day.

This concert will be performed in Finnish, Skolt Sámi and Inari Sámi.