Foto BUD Helsinki (c) Jönssi Jouko Lehtola

Jönssi! - Jouko Lehtola

Uudenmaankatu 11, 00120 Helsinki
BUD Helsinki

Jönssi! - Jouko Lehtola: Urban Youth & Young Heroes

Jönssi! - Jouko Lehtola: Urban Youth & Young Heroes

BUD’s Small Show series continues with an exhibition of the documentary and rock photographer Jouko “Jönssi” Lehtola.

The exhibition showcases a mix of pieces from Jouko’s renowned and celebrated Urban Youth and Young Heroes series.

Jouko had a talent to capture Finnish youngsters and subcultures in an honest, accepting and un-embellished way.

He called his pictures his children which will live after he's gone. In their own silent way, they will tell what was relevant to him. How he saw and how he felt.

BUD Helsinki
4.9.-15.10. Tue-Sat 11.00-21.00

Free entry