Foto © Sanna Maria Perunka

Jewelry Exhibition

Jewelry Exhibition

Jewelry exhibition tells about passionate goldsmithing and feeling's depth connects to the delicacy of jewelry design.

You can find a rose molded by mystical frost. Feel the branches whispered to life by goblins. Experience the forest's glow against the white crust under the moonlight's luminating light.

Sameising designs are made to be unique as they highlight different textures with minor details. The play of light and shadow at the surface of products brings surprising experiences to the customer. Especially the handmade carvings on Lapland's Roses are one of a kind and raise interest with their shine. Exhibition’s wish is to bring you an unforgettable moment, a sense of stopping and finding the beauty of nature in the jewelry as well as in yourself.

Sameising is a small company offering design-products. The jewelry is designed and made by traditional handicraft methods as well as by 3d-modeling from precious metals. Goldmith Sanna Maria Perunka’s roots are from Lapland and Ideas and stories start from the north and the design of products springs from Lapland's beautiful views. Jewelryline combines finnish folklore with Lapland's nature's unique moments.

8 July until 10 July 2022
Open from 10 o'clock until 17 o'clock
Free entrance