Kehona – Body Sensing – Kirsi Jaakkola | Toni Lehtola | Sanna Pajunen | Veijo Setälä

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, 00530 Helsinki
Cultural Centre Caisa

In the Body Sensing exhibition, every artwork is touchable.

In the Body Sensing exhibition, every artwork is touchable.

The starting point of the exhibition was people’s different ways of using senses as well as concerns about anomalous sensory abilities. Efforts have been made to ensure the poignancy of the art also for people with problems in the reception or understanding of sense data. The works are playful and evoke feelings on many levels. The exhibition appeals to the senses of hearing, smelling and touch.

Body Sensing explores the significance of bodily knowledge and the senses in visual art by putting the audience in concrete interaction with the works on show. The works and the experience are redefined by the bodily aspect and the touching. The exhibition concept is based on concrete tangibility, multisensoriness and the suitability of the featured works to all age groups. Different senses produce different information and different experiences of the works.

Some works surprise with their scale, some may even seem a bit frightening for certain visitors. Not all works remain solidly in place, some may suddenly appear to occupy a place that was empty a moment ago. The artists have approached tangibility in different ways.

In addition to the multisensory approach in the works themselves, the exhibition experience is also enhanced by texts in Braille, signed presentations, plain language material and accounts by artists and visitors on how they experienced the works.