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Music from the Court of Frederick the Great

Ritarikatu 1, 00170 Helsinki
House of Nobility (Ritarihuone)

Berlin–Potsdam – Music from the Court of Frederick the Great

Berlin–Potsdam – Music from the Court of Frederick the Great

The Prussian ruler Frederick the Great (1712-1786) was known as a victorious warrior king, but he was also a skilled flautist and composer. His output includes both symphonies as well as flute sonatas and concertos. His love of the arts began at an early age, although Frederick's father did not encourage his son's hobbies. On the contrary, he tried to discourage his son. Frederick's sister Wilhelmine also became a talented harpsichord player and composer despite the lack of support at home. While not all of her output has been preserved, there are still her opera and vocal music, as well as a harpsichord concerto which Finnish audiences will hear for the first time in this concert.

During Frederick the Great's reign, the cultural life of Berlin, the capital of Prussia, and the nearby court of Potsdam burst forth in unprecedented glory. The lineup of well-known musicians included Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, whose music embodies this era's typically sensitive use of affects. Johann Sebastian Bach, the Kantor of the Leipzig Cathedral, visited his son in Potsdam in 1747. This trip gave birth to his collection “Das Musikalische Opfer" (The Musical Offering). The work, dedicated to Frederick the Great, showcases Bach's mastery of both old-fashioned counterpoint as well as the latest compositional styles of the time.

Kirnberger – C.P.E. Bach – Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia – J.S. Bach – Frederick the Great

FiBO Players:

Anna Gebert, viulu

Irma Niskanen, viulu

Laura Kajander, alttoviulu

Jussi Seppänen, sello

Pauliina Fred, traverso

Petteri Pitko, cembalo

House of Nobility

11.3.2022 at 19.00


Tickets 14,50-52€ from Ticketmaster, duration 1 h 30 min, incl. intermission