Pohjoinen Klubi: Maunula Elektronik IV

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

Electronic music mini festival!

This small electronic music festival without an age limit offers a selection of new and old, experimental and danceable electronic music, food and beverages.

Free entrance!

The doors open at 17.

The event will be streamed live on Maunula-talo’s YouTube.

Ya Tosiba (FI/AZ)
is a ”global bass duo” where modern mid-eastern pop clashes with northern electronic music. The lyrics of the songs belong to sufi poetry and street battle folklore of meykhana from Baku city of Azerbaijan. Heavily dubbed vocals carry the blend of azerbaijani fine techniques of mugam in music and aruz in poetry and rapping.

Jori Larres
is a Helsinki-based musician whose musical expression is built on layers, improvisation and experimental methods.

DJ Sansibar
is Helsinki-based producer and known for his strong electro sound with Detroit vibes, which he expanded towards breakbeat style on his most recent EP.

Mimotska (Mimi Kantola)
is a singer-songwriter. In her new project she combines her singing with nerdy toy piano drums and synthesisers, and bubble-gum pop with lo-fi sounds.

Kristiina Männikkö’s
DJ sets are characterised by intimate electro music with mystical tones.

Tero Männikkö’s
DJ clubs reveal his passionate relationship with Italo disco.

We want to guarantee our customers a cultural experience that is as safe as possible. Due to the coronavirus emergency, hygiene arrangements for the event have been intensified and attendance has been limited to half to ensure safe distances. We strongly recommend face mask usage. Please stay home if you have any flu symptoms.