Voguing workshop

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Voguing workshop

 Voguing workshop 

Open Voguing Workshop for everyone aged 13–18! 

What is voguing?  

VOGUING/VOGUE is a form of self-expression
that combines movement and fashion. It was born and developed among the
BIPOC/queer community of Harlem, New York. As the name suggests, voguing is
inspired by the fashion magazine Vogue, as well as various forms of dance and
acrobatics. But above all, it has been and still is a platform and safe space
for different gender and sexual identities, particularly among the
African-American and Latinx queer communities. In addition to the dance
categories, the culture also involves various categories for fashion and

Vogue Femme Workshop:  

At the workshop, we will practise elements
typical of Vogue Femme and go through the basics and variations together. Join
the workshop – learners of all levels are welcome to practise and enjoy.  

Amanda, the instructor of the Voguing
workshops, is a performance artist, dancer and dance teacher. Amanda started
with hip-hop dance, and later she discovered voguing, which has inspired her
dance the most. She has experience of both solo performances and various dance
ensembles. Amanda has worked on various productions with the following Finnish
artists, among others: Jenni Vartiainen, Olavi Uusivirta, Antti Tuisku, Robin,
Kaija Koo. At the moment, Amanda is a member of two performance groups: Amanda
& Lydia, and House of Gucci Finland. Together, they have performed with
Princess Nokia, Leila K and Alman. 

Safe participation

Tiivistämö subscribes to the principles of safer spaces. We do not accept any
form of harassment, discrimination, violence or abuse. We respect the physical
and emotional boundaries of other people. Do not comment or touch another
person’s body without permission. Please do not take photos and video of others
without permission. If you encounter threatening behaviour, harassment,
discrimination or any other problematic situations, please contact the on-site
staff or the event organiser. 


Almost all of the spaces in Tiivistämö are
accessible, with the exception of downstairs. There is an accessible toilet
upstairs, and there is a sturdy ramp by the front door. 


Where: At Tiivistämö https://tiivistamo.fi/en/what-is-tiivistamo/ 

When: Sunday 24 October 12:00 noon–14:00 

For whom: Participants aged 13–18 

Address: Tiivistämö, Kaasutehtaankatu 1
(Building 5)

Workshop 1: 12:00–13:00 Queer Only! 

Workshop 2: 13:00–14:00 Open to all 

You can register for the
workshops via harrastushaku.fi. Both workshops have room for 30 participants,
at the maximum.