Photo Faselli / Riku Pihlanto

Faselli coffe n more

Läntinen Papinkatu 2-4, 00530 Helsinki

Faselli is a small and cozy café located in Kallio district serving Italian street food. Every dish is made of fresh ingredients with love.

Faselli is serving warm focaccia and panuozzi sandwich, salad, pasta and pizza, with beverages like coffee, tea, organic lemonade, fresh apple juice, small selections of organic and natural wines and beer.

The café has about 12 seats and 4 stools, so small private events can be arranged, like birthday parties etc. Catering services are also available.

According to plan, there will be a small summer terrace with a beautiful view of the Kallio Church, where people can enjoy their drinks and street food in the sunshine.

Also small art exhibitions for about 3 months at a time are possible.