Blick Théâtre: [Hullu]

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre
The woman does not live in the main- stream. Tenderly, but with an occasional touch of annoyance, they try to coax her to join the others — but to no avail. Confused, she seeks refuge in her own, imaginary world full of strange little people. There, everything becomes possible. Fleeing into her imagination soon turns into a trap, however, when the shelter built from cardboard boxes turns into an impenetrable wall. The French Blick Théâtre’s [Hullu] uses the interplay between humans and puppets to reveal new layers of reality and confuse our ideas of the familiar and the unknown. Balancing between reality and illusion, the show takes us to an enigmatic world of magic, where madness is both frightening and charming. The performance, which combines physical theatre and virtuoso puppet theatre ingenuously, is part of the programme at the SAMPO 2017 festival and is staged in co-operation with Puppet Theatre Sampo.