Nolla cabins

Isosaari, 00860 Helsinki

Nolla cabins provide a unique holiday experience combined with an ecological and responsible way to stay in sensitive areas, where, in the past, camping has often been the only option.

All Nolla cabins include a solar power station that, depending on the weather, produces enough energy to charge about two phones a day. In addition, Nolla cabins are equipped with a hob and heater.

There are also cooking utensils and crockery. In addition, all the cabins have a bed with quilts and pillows for two adults. You will need to bring your own lunch, any equipment you may need on your trip as well as bed linen or a sleeping bag.

In Helsinki, two cabins are located on Isosaari island and one is located by Hotel Rantapuisto. Select location and make a booking on the Nolla cabins webpages.