Photo Seikkailupuisto Huippu Oy

Blackbeard's Treasure - an Escape Game

Veräjäpellonkuja 17, 02360 Espoo
Organiser: Seikkailupuisto Huippu
Duration: 1 hours 30 minutes
Price: 120 - 150 €

An escape game doesn’t have to take place in a stuffy basement. Instead, come try out our new game at Treetop Adventure Huippu in Espoo while taking in some fresh air!

Blackbeard's Treasure

In 1687, Mikael Wirtanen returned home with six mysterious chests. The whereabouts of the chests were unknown for centuries until they were recently found in Leppävaara. A mysterious man with a wooden leg and an eye patch is on his way to collect the chests. Can you open them before he arrives?

What is an outdoor escape game?

The goal of the outdoor escape game is to work together as a team and solve all of the puzzles thrown your way within 60 minutes. This can be done amongst family, friends, or coworkers. Logical and out-of-the-box thinking is essential in completing the task. However, at the core, the game is all about teamwork.

Know before you go

The escape game is designed for groups of 2-6 players. Although it’s possible to extend the number of players to up to eight.

The recommended minimum age is 12 years old. Younger children can play along with a group, but some of the puzzles may be too difficult for them to solve. All content in the escape game is suitable for children.