You2Out, Nature hike in Nuuksio national park or Espoo city nature trail nearby Helsinki

Naruportintie 68, 02680 Espoo
Organiser: Smiling Redfox nature & outdoor activities, Hymyilevä Punakettu
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 80 - 190 €

You2Out, You too out or You two out!

Nature hike in Nuuksio National Park or nearby Helsinki region as Espoo city.
Choose your destination nearby for joyful exercise of walking or canoeing. During the tour we shall tell you stories about the environment around us.

Four seasons! Spring gives a lot of daylight and birds singing. In the summer we go canoeing and hiking. Autumn brings you berries and mushrooms to the forest while the evenings are getting darker. In the winter, we go on snowshoe trips and looking at the stars.

You2Out - This product is only for private persons. Make an inquiry for available times by calling to Eppu +358405035350 or send an email to punakettu(at) (recommended).

You2Out - is meant for you or you and a friend for a 1-3 hours comfortable nature trip. Pick up a suitable destination from the list below.

We meet at the agreed place at the agreed time. We always confirm the meeting point by sending to you a "googlemap-location". We do not offer transportation services but it can be arranged so that we shall pick up you from Espoo central or Leppävaara / Sello shopping mall - train station or from "Iso Omena" mall - metro station. This service must be agreed in advance.

You can take your own snacks with you or ask us for small snacks and drinks as a separate order. There are also available restaurants services as Hotel Nuuksio, the Finnish Nature Centre Haltia or Hotel Hanaholmen etc. depending on your choice of destination.

You2Out price - The price consists of the time and content of the excursion. 1h/ 80e, 2h/ 150e ja 3h/ 190e Prices includes 10% vat. You can find the excursion durations from the list below. Times are indicative and does not include transportation to the destinations.

Price includes guidance for 1-2 people in the chosen destination. Payment by Mobile pay goes fine as well as the other payment methods in our online store after the availability check.

Destinations : Read more from our web page