‘Siren song and other spells’ performance & artist meeting

Aleksanterinkatu 14-18, 00170 Helsinki

”I can’t be turned into a snake, I am a snake.” The ‘Siren song and other spells’ perf…

”I can’t be turned into a snake, I am a snake.”

The ‘Siren song and other spells’ performance is a joint work by Camilla Rantanen and Pipsa Enqvist, with text from ‘WATER SHOW, LESBO SHOW – i.e. Niki and Strix’s XXX services, a thesis work by Camilla Rantanen for Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in 2020. The work contains dance, song and acrobatics.

After the performance, the artists will be interviewed by Iisa Aaltonen and you can meet them. The audience also has the opportunity to participate in the discussion. The discussion will be held in Finnish.

Age limit: 18

Content notes: strong language, sexual movement, nudity

Working group information: Camilla Rantanen and Pipsa Enqvist

Pipsa Enqvist works as a dramaturg, director, scriptwriter and performance maker in the field of performing arts. Her artistic processes are characterised by dialogue, an essay-like quality, justified respect and clear structures. Enqvist was involved in the writing of the international award-winning film The Director, and she is currently working on a TV series screenplay for the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Camilla Rantanen is a dramaturg, a scriptwriter, a performance artist and a sex industry professional. Since her graduation from the University of the Arts Helsinki, she has been working primarily on stage productions and audio. Rantanen’s works have been displayed and published by venues and channels such as the Finnish Broadcasting Company, Prix Europa, the Finnish National Theatre and Kiasma. Her work is permeated by the values of consent, playfulness and an ethical relationship with both the working group and the audience.

Together, Enqvist and Rantanen form the performance art gang Burning Bridges, whose work focuses on loyalty, ruthless transparency, fervour and justice.


Photo: Mikael Karkkonen