Photo Cirko (c) Makeshift Company

Agit-Cirk & Makeshift Company: Ghost Town

Kaasutehtaankatu 1/4, building 8, 00540 Helsinki
Cirko - Center for New Circus

Ghost Town is an exhilarating piece about the end.

Ghost Town is an exhilarating piece about the end. 

Life’s repeating patterns become untethered as the end approaches, but can one escape by breaking out of the loop? Or should one follow the road to its natural conclusion? 

Taking the audience on a journey from a broken-down car in the middle of the desert to an unexpected climax, Ghost Town combines circus, dance, media art and live foley, with world renown collaborators: Heikki Kossi, Jessica Hung Han Yun, Emma Lister, Sakari Männistö, Aku Merilainen, Emmi Pennanen and Alice Williamson.

Ghost Town is divided into three sections:

Pre-performance: 90 min

Performance: 80 min

Post-performance: 30 min 




16.3./18.3. at 17.30

19.3. at 12.30 & 17.30

23.3./24.3./25.3. at 17.30

26.3. at 12.30 & 17.30

Tickets 16,50/30€ from Tiketti, duration 3,5 h

Age recommendation for over 12 yrs old