Photo Anttoni Halonen

and Life

Metsäpurontie 4, 00630 Helsinki
Maunula House

And Life is a companion piece to Flow of Death, which was performed in Helsinki in December 2019.

PREMIERE | Fry 6.8.2021 at 19–20.30

Sat 7.8.2021 kat 15–16.30 and at 19–20.30

Sun 8.8.2021 at 15–16.30

The And Life dance piece explores birth and vitality both as internal experiences of the body and mind and as the experience of giving ourselves over to the forces flowing around us.

Directed by, choreography in cooperation with the team, dance: Elina Hauta-aho
Choreography in cooperation with the team, dance: Saara Norvio and Meri Pajunpää
Sound design: Jouni Tauriainen
Light and stage design: Anttoni Halonen
Costume and stage design: Susanna Suurla
Production: Elina Hauta-aho and Maunula House

Duration: 1 h