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Flash3 - Light and Death

Suomenlinna, 00190 Helsinki
Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

FLASH3 – Light and Death is the third Finnish light art biennial.

FLASH3 – Light and Death is the third Finnish light art biennial. The free entry exhibition is open for the two first weeks of November 2021, and the venue is at the Fortress Suomenlinna, which has now belonged to the UNESCO World Heritage List for 30 years already.

The theme of this year’s exhibition is light and death. Death is related not only to human life and human worldviews, but also to various cycles and transformations, such as decay, corrosion, and erosion. Light and darkness are associated both metaphorically and concretely with death. As inherently transcendental phenomena, both birth and death have been central elements in numerous myths and legends, but this theme is highlighted and topical today as well: The world is currently undergoing the biggest upheaval in the history of humankind.

The chosen theme enables diverse ways of expression, and the purpose is to illustrate various forms of light art in terms of both technology and artistic thinking.

The exhibition venue includes outdoor spaces and also four different historical buildings of the Fortress Suomenlinna, which are not usually open to public. These spaces have a strong character, and they are closely integrated in the art works constructed in the sites; indeed, spatial orientation is one of the special characteristics of this exhibition.

Altogether 16 artworks were selected for this exhibition after an open invitation procedure. The selection includes both previously made works and ones designed now for this biennial. The FLASH3 curators are Alexander Salvesen (b. 1990) and Jere Suontausta (b. 1994).

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

4.-14.11.2021 17.00-21.00

(except Thu 4.11. 17.00-22.00 and Sat 6.11. 15.00-22)

Free entry