Good Hair Day 2021

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1, 00540 Helsinki

Good Hair Day 2021

Good Hair Day 2021 is soon here again!

Good Hair Day (GHD) aims to work towards the wholesome well-being of the AfroFinnish community and its individuals. The GHD-event centers around the celebration of afro hair, knowledge sharing, supporting the formation of networks and empowering the AfroFinnish community through positive representation.

This years event is the 6th annual Good Hair Day event with the theme of HOPE and will be held on Sunday, August 29th at Tiivistämö in Suvilahti, Helsinki.

This year's event will be live streamed only! You can follow the event from your home!

Good Hair Day’s mission is to dismantle the negative stereotypes on blackness in both surrounding and within the community. GHD strives to broaden the target group’s social relationships and inclusivity with the help of positive representation. When looking to the future, synergy and open dialogue are significant in our hope for the future.

GHD creates a safer space for AfroFinns to discuss afro hair on a personal, societal and political level, as well as serves as a meeting point for all those interested in afro hair care. The aim is to create a space for one day, where AfroFinns are centered in the audience as well as on stage.

More information coming soon!