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Helsinki Ski Weeks 2022

Paavo Nurmen tie 1, 00250 Helsinki
Helsinki Olympic Stadium

A joyous ski festival in the heart of Helsinki – for everybody!

A joyous ski festival in the heart of Helsinki – for everybody!

This is the first time that the iconic Helsinki Olympic Stadium opens its doors for skiers, and you’ll get to enjoy a prime 1,1 km skiing track. The snow is guaranteed! Grab your friends, colleagues, or family with you, and enjoy the atmosphere. The entrance is free of charge, but pre-registration is required to make sure everybody can enjoy the tracks with comfort and space. 

Helsinki Ski Weeks is a unique event, organized now for the first time. It is an innovative combination of inspiring outdoor experiences that won’t leave you cold: Besides the monthlong opportunity to ski in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, the event consists of a series of single events, such as an opening concert, inspirational events aimed at children, a sprint ski competition for companies, a ski disco, and many more. 

Helsinki Ski Weeks will see its climax with the Stadion Sprint competition on 24th of February, where the superstars of skiing will compete against each other in an entertaining sports show, where there’ll be plenty of light, live music and festive atmosphere. 

Helsinki Ski Weeks welcomes everybody to come and enjoy snow fun in the exotic Stadium location. Whether you are an experienced skier or a first timer, enjoying your ski experience has never been this easy. Feel you need some guidance to get started with skiing? Or perhaps you know your way with skis and just want to perfect your moves? No worries, there will be ski school instructors on site to help you.

Olympic Stadium

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