Ilkka Vainio - Koko Kansan Laulut

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

Long-established, multi-talented musician Ilkka “Ile” Vainio will celebrate his 62nd birthday next spring with a concert hall tour, performing not only his own material but also Juha “Junnu” Vainio’s iconic songs. Having produced as many as 200 gold- and platinum-selling records during his career, the lyricist-singer will be touring Finland with his band for 17 gigs.

The “Koko kansan laulut” (“Songs for the whole nation”) concerts will summarise Vainio’s career, cemented in the foundations of Finnish entertainment, as an experience full of classics and surprises. The musical journey will carry the audience through the beloved songs of Junnu Vainio and Ilkka’s own back catalogue, which contains gems of entertainment from Finnish music history. The concerts will feature songs like “Yksinäinen saarnipuu”, “Ota löysin rantein” and “Satasen laina”. The band on the anniversary tour will consist of top musicians who have played with prominent Finnish artists, and there will be guest artists from along Ilkka’s career.

“I feel in better shape than I’ve ever been, and I can’t wait to get back in front of the audience. The concerts will be full of sensitivity and fun, classics and surprises – an incredible journey in music! There will be songs for the whole nation in a unique style, great tidings of entertainment, songs for every taste and heart,” Ilkka describes his spring tour enthusiastically.

Ilkka Vainio, who continues his father Junnu Vainio’s priceless cultural heritage and has long been active in the background of numerous Finnish artists, is especially known for his insightful lyrics that have touched the lives of Finns and entertained them for decades. Vainio, who started his own artistic career at the mature age of 55, has worked with artists such as Kikka, Nylon Beat, Kari Tapio and Jope Ruonansuu and released some 10,000 recordings as a production manager. Vainio’s extensive repertoire of lyrics for over a thousand songs includes Nylon Beat’s huge hits “Anna mulle” and “Rakastuin mä looseriin”.

Duration approx. 2 h with intermission.

Age limit: all ages


Due to corona virus situation, Ilkka Vainio - Koko Kansan Laulut concert was rescheduled from April 1th 2022 to February 10th 2023 at 7 pm. The tickets that have already been purchased will be valid for the new event date as they are.