Photo HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

Inka Bell: Passage

Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki
Tennis Palace Art Museum

“The clash of surfaces resonates in different ways on my retinas.

“The clash of surfaces resonates in different ways on my retinas. Sometimes it is soothing and sometimes it makes me anxious. Colours and their junctions come alive when I stop and look at them for a longer while. The meeting of the colours creates a reaction, in which colours let go of the old and form something new together. These reactions are presented as some kind of passageways to the unknown for me, because it seems that they are fumbling in many directions and they can change their shape completely through even small variations. If these surfaces were never to mix, nothing new could be created.”

Inka Bell’s art is based on abstract minimalism. She works on her pieces until all of the excess has been stripped away and only the essence remains. Bell’s work incorporates subtle observations of space, its current state and connection to the future. This series of works, started at the Tamarind Institute residence in New Mexico in 2019, is made up of prints spread throughout the gallery and paper works reminiscent of sculptures, whose surface choreographies form independent entities. The works in the exhibition are multidimensional studies of coloured surfaces clashing and the various ways in which they are organised.

Inka Bell (born 1981) is a Helsinki-based visual artist who mainly works in the expanded field of printmaking. In her work, she focuses on examining the relationships between two-dimensional and three-dimensional approaches through material, colour, surface and repetition. Bell is currently finishing her master’s degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

The exhibition is supported by Grafia and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.