Photo Tero Ahonen

J. Karjalainen

Tokoinranta, Eläintarhantie, 00530 Helsinki
Huvila Festival Tent

More than anything, J. Karjalainen is a musical storyteller

J. Karjalainen represents different things to different people: a bluegrass artist to some and to others one of Finland’s most acclaimed lyricists, but there are also those to whom he’s still the quintessential rock musician whose songs are perfect for a loud singalong. 

More than anything, J. Karjalainen is a musical storyteller. Through his songs, the collective consciousness of Finnish people has been introduced to a number of vivid characters, from Doris to Matti, Sirkka Lautamies to Markku. He makes Oulu sound like the American Midwest and sorrow feel like it is flecked with sunshine. 

The artist will release a new album this spring. The gig at Huvila will be a mix of old and new – and we don’t mean just the songs. People have always travelled from faraway places to listen to storytellers, and the gig at Huvila equally will be a unique opportunity to hear songs from the upcoming album.