Photo Etnosoi! (c) Ville Lehvonen

Marjo Smolander: Cosmologies

Hämeentie 68, 00550 Helsinki
Music Theatre Kapsäkki

Etnosoi! Marjo Smolander: Cosmologies

Etnosoi! Marjo Smolander: Cosmologies 

Marjo Smolander is a kantele player and singer-songwriter whose musical roots lie in Finnish folk music and the kantele tradition of her native Karelia. Since 2006, the Rääkkylä-based artist has spent long periods in Senegal and Mali, drawing inspiration from West African rhythms and musical aesthetics, as well as Mali’s kora music. These styles blend naturally in Smolander’s music.

In the spring of 2021, she released her debut album, Cosmologies, which will be performed live in concert for the first time in Helsinki. On her album, recorded in Finland, Senegal, Mali and Denmark, Smolander collaborates with folk musicians from various cultures. Musical cosmologies merge into one, telling poignant, intimate stories.

In the concert, Smolander performs her songs with a trio featuring singer Minttu Hellstén and percussionist João Luis.

Marjo Smolander - kantele, vocals

Minttu Hellstén - vocals

João Luis - percussion

Music Theatre Kapsäkki, Bistro K

13.11.2021 at 19.30

Free entry. table reservations: [email protected]