Photo Patrick Oras / Helsingin kaupunginmuseo

Martta Bröyer 125 special guided tour

Kristianinkatu 12, 00170 Helsinki
Burgher's House

In honor of the anniversary of Martta Bröyer, the Burgher’s House will hold special guided tours.

This year will mark the 125th anniversary of the birth of dance artist Martta Bröyer (1897–1979). To celebrate the occasion, the Burgher’s House will hold special guided tours! 

A pioneer of modern dance in Finland, Martta Bröyer was also a dedicated guardian of cultural heritage, and she saved her historic family house at Kristianinkatu 12. The guided tour will take attendees on a journey through the life of this eccentric and wilful artist in the cosy Burgher’s House, the rooms of which will now be shown in a whole new light.

The tour group has room for 15 people on a first come first served basis. The tour is in Finnish and provided free of charge. Welcome!