Photo Sirja Moberg

Miten ihminen tulisi määritellä? – Stage poetry at the Natural History Museum

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 13, 00100 Helsinki
Natural History Museum

Meet ancient proboscideans and fly with yellow-breasted buntings.

Miten ihminen tulisi määritellä (How to define a human being?) is a stage poetry performance that takes the listener through the Natural History Museum, reflecting our place among the multitude of species. The poems collide the present and billions of years of our planet’s past, the desire of science to find answers and the way answers elude us. The poet Mikko Räty's performance introduces ancient proboscideans, flies with yellow-breasted buntings and allows an insect to answer the ultimate question: how to define a human being?



This event is part of Experience Seven Museums on 23 November. An evening full of dance, theatre, poems and music. Open doors at 5-10pm at Design Museum, Hakasalmi Villa, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki City Museum, Natural History Museum, Sinebrychoff Art Museum and Kunsthalle Helsinki.