NutaKontti at Kontulan kelkkapuisto park

Porttitie, 00940 Helsinki
Kontulan kelkkapuisto park

12-17 years old young people, join us in NutaKontti! Fun activities and spending time together at Kelkkapuisto's NutaKontti Mon-Fri 3 June - 26 July at 13-19

NutaKontti is open 3 June - 26 July from Mon to Fri at 1 pm - 7 pm. NutaKontti organises a variety of activities, such as street art and music, as well as Friday bingo on a weekly basis. In addition, it has various board games as well as yard games and the opportunity to throw basketball, play table football, craft and borrow skateboards. NutaKontti allows you to make new friends and spend time with safe instructors. Kontulan kelkkapuisto park is located at Porttitie 5. Youth instructors and more detailed information can be found on Instagram @luuppinuta and by phone +358 9 31089145.