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Open Door Day at Long Live Wivi Lönn! exhibition

Kasarmikatu 24, 00130 Helsinki
Museum of Finnish Architecture

Long Live Wivi Lönn! exhibition can be visited in advance on the “open door day”, on Thursday 28 April, 2022.

Long Live Wivi Lönn! exhibition can be visited in advance on the “open door day”, on Thursday 28 April, 2022, from 15 to18 o'clock. The discussion guide Hanna Pielikko and the curators fo exhibition Anna Autio, Jutta Tynkkynen, Hanna Tyvelä and Marja Rautaharju will be present throughout the day.

Wivi Lönn celebrated her 70th birthday on May 20th 1942 at the Lallukka Artists’ Home in Helsinki. The celebration was attended by 46 female architects from all over Finland, and the event was the starting point for the activities of Architecta, the Finnish Association of Women Architects. Eighty years have passed since that celebration, which in itself is worth celebrating!

The anniversary exhibition examines the female history of architecture, with a particular focus on Wivi Lönn’s exemplary life’s work. Wivi Lönn was the first woman architect in Finland to run her own architectural firm. The exhibition celebrates the career of the architect who broke glass ceilings and her significance for the generations of women architects who followed afterwards. Lönn’s architecture and life are set within a broader societal framework and a gender-responsive history of architecture.

The exhibition also features the Finnish Association of Women Architects Architecta, which was founded on the occasion of Lönn’s birthday in 1942 and whose activities continue still today. For eighty years, the world’s first association of women architects has provided its members with both professional support and a platform for writing the history of Finnish women architects. The extensive archival material documenting the work of women architects, created as a result of the association’s systematic recording activities, will be presented for the first time at the exhibition. Exhibition visitors are invited to a veritable banquet, to enjoy what the archive has to offer. The exhibition
also includes excerpts of the development of feminist architectural thinking, from the 1970s to the present day.

Museum of Finnish Architecture
28.4.2022 from 15-18
Free entrance