Photo Suomen Elämysjunat Oy / Reissujuna (c) Robert Ramstedt

Opera Train

Kaivokatu 1, 00100 Helsinki
Helsinki Railway station

Opera train from Helsinki to Savonlinna 9.-11.7.2021

Opera train from Helsinki to Savonlinna 9.-11.7.2021

Experience a unique journey from Helsinki to Savonlinna aboard a steam locomotive with quality meals and music full of feeling.

Along the way, you will experience a unique old-fashioned atmosphere in a memorable company. The journey on a passenger train has a series of cultural experiences with a limited number of seats.

Actress-clown Laura Rämä inspects the tickets of all passengers on the outward journey and there will be held musical moments by soprano Annika Leino, pianist Jukka Nykänen and the Quartet of the YL Male Voice Choir in several carriages.

On the return trip, Aino Ackté, the first international opera star in Finland and the founder of the Savonlinna Opera Festival, will come along. She is performed by actress-soprano Päivi Pylvänäinen, accompanied by pianist Väinö Jalkanen, who plays the pump organ like Finnish composer Oskar Merikanto used to do.

Helsinki - Savonlinna - Helsinki

Departure from Helsinki 9.7. approx. at 8.00, arrival to Savonlinna the same day approx. at 16.00.

The return trip starts on 11.7. approx. at 16.00 and arrival to Helsinki at approx. 22.00.

Tickets 85-490€, children -50%

Suomen Elämysjunat Oy reserves the right for changes.