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Performance Wagon

00170 Helsinki
Market Square

In the summertime there’s kiosks serving ice cream to city dwellers and sightseeing tours to tourists in every street corner in Helsinki.

In the summertime there’s kiosks serving ice cream to city dwellers and sightseeing tours to tourists in every street corner in Helsinki. This year you can also find one kiosk where you can buy something suitable for an adventurer. Performance Wagon has a menu of over ten performances that you can buy and enjoy instantly.

The performances vary from small trips to improvised shows that are built with the audience or are based on their wishes. The selection also has some performances without a performer. These you can order as take away and enjoy in your own time. The performances explore work, utopias and the city amongst other themes. Reality Research Center invites you to wonder, play and take a look at your surroundings from a new perspective.

Performance Wagon is part of the main program of Reality Research Center (RRC) on its 20th anniversary in 2021. The wagon is a surprising and adventurous form for a performance and, in this way, typical for the collective. The performances of the wagon menu offer a glimpse to the 20-year long history of RRC. Some of them are new versions of timeless performances and some of them are new fruits of the research done by the artists. Adhere to the philosophy of
RRC, they are experiential, participatory, multisensory and indifferent to the traditional meaning of performance. They’re made to make you laugh and get serious, to stop and to take a new direction: to research what reality is, and what should it be like.

Artistic team:
Talvikki Eerola
Julius Elo
Titta Halinen
Katriina Kettunen
Tuomas Laitinen
Minja Mertanen
Janne Saarakkala
Jussi Salminen
Maria Santavuori
Tuire Tuomisto
Jonna Wikström
Paula Koivunen (visualist)
Production: Anna Suoninen and Iiris Tuisku, Reality Research Center 

Time: 20.–28.8.2021

Opening hours:
20.8. from 3pm to 8pm
21.8.–27.8. from 2pm to 8pm
28.8. from 9 pm to 6 am.

Place: Helsinki Market Square (next to Havis Amanda)

Duration: Duration of individual performances 15-60 min.

Price: Prices of the performances vary. More information from the menu at the

The performances are best experienced by yourself, with a friend or with a
small group.

Supported by:
The Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR)
The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)
City of Helsinki 

In cooperation with:
Performance Wagon is part of Helsinki Biennial
Inspired -programme. One of the performances on the Performance Wagon menu is inspired by the contents of the biennial. Helsinki Biennial is an international art event that will bring outstanding contemporary art to maritime Helsinki.
The first Helsinki Biennial will be held in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island 12.6.–26.9.2021.