Philip Glass Ensemble – Music in Eight Parts – CONCERT RESCHEDULED -> Sat 9.10.2021

Kasarmikatu 46-48, 00130 Helsinki
Savoy Theatre

The rescheduled date for Philip Glass Ensemble – Music in Eight Parts concert is Sat 9th of October 2021 at 7 pm.

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Visiting the Savoy for the first time, the Philip Glass Ensemble will, for the first time in 50 years, play the composer’s piece Music in Eight Parts.

Music in Eight Parts
Composed by PHILIP GLASS

At the Savoy Theatre, The Philip Glass Ensemble will perform Philip Glass’s Music in Eight Parts from 1970, thought to be lost, for one of the first times in 50 years, along with selections from Glass's major works Koyaanisqatsi, Glassworks, The Photographer, and Einstein on the Beach.

Music in Eight Parts is described by Glass as "an abandoned piece," retired after only four performances. For years, he thought no manuscript had survived, having sold it to pay off debt incurred by the original production of Einstein on the Beach. Glass describes Music in Eight Parts as, "actually for eight contrapuntal parts. The piece begins in unison and with each successive note the number of parts increases. As it goes on, you get eventually to a twelve-note figure and the piece comes to sound like an accordion: it keeps opening up and closing." He later expanded upon these musical textures in Music in Twelve Parts, composed from 1971-74.

The Philip Glass Ensemble (PGE) comprises the principal performers of the music of Philip Glass. In 1968, Glass founded the PGE in New York City as a laboratory for his music. Its purpose was to develop a performance practice to meet the unprecedented technical and artistic demands of his compositions. In pioneering this approach, the PGE became a creative wellspring for Glass, and its members remain inimitable interpreters of his work.

"The PGE represents the most authentic performance practice of my music in our time. I am looking forward to championing them as they carry it forward and bring its unique repertoire to new generations." – Philip Glass

The Philip Glass Ensemble is the exclusive performer of its repertoire. Please note that Philip Glass will not be performing as part of this concert.

Duration approx. 2 h, incl. intermission


Due to corona virus situation, Philip Glass Ensemble – Music in Eight Parts concert was rescheduled from March 28th / October 21st 2020 to April 8th 2021 at 7 pm. The tickets that have already been purchased will be valid for the new event date as they are.